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Are you ready for relaxing and time for yourself and are you looking for wellness in North Holland, for example Amsterdam or Haarlem? Choose for wellness and massage at our salon WiraWellness in Amsterdam. Our professional masseuses help your body relax, recover and empower. We provide various types of massages from traditional Thai Massages to soothing herbal massages.

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Choose for wellness and massage at our salon. Here you can enjoy various massages that ensure a relaxed body. We offer various types of massages, such as deep tissue massages and soothing herbal massages.

Thai relaxation massage

This Thai massage is aimed at relaxing muscles and joints. It is a soothing treatment that is ideal for fatigue or stress. Even if you just want to relax, this type of wellness at our salon is ideal.

Herbal massage

During this massage, our masseuse treats your body with warm pouches filled with fragrant Thai herbs. This gives a cleansing, relaxing and activating effect. It is also very soothing.

Facial massage

Your face withstands heat, cold and wind. Make-up, stress and tension also leave their mark. So enjoy our facial massage at our massage parlour. After massaging your face, it has visibly improved. The soothing cream is beneficial, relaxing and good for your skin.

Foot massage

Your feet have to endure a lot and deserve some extra attention. This pleasant, caring massage for your feet soothes fatigue. The result is a wonderfully relaxed and wonderful feeling.

Shoulder and neck massage

This shoulder and neck massageconcentrates on those parts of the body that suffer most from stress or poor posture. Pain in your shoulders or neck is very annoying. Fatigue and aches disappear under the skilled hands of our certified masseuse.

Thai massage with oil

This is a firm or, if desired, slightly softer Thai oil massage of your entire body. Muscles are loosened and blockages are removed. This treatment makes fatigue disappear and brings your body back into balance.

Deep tissue massage

This treatment is not only aimed at the muscles, but also at the connective tissue surrounding them. The massage is powerful and deep and has a healing influence on your body. Your skin also benefits from this deep tisssue massage.

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